Thursday, 22 June 2017

Advanced Futurological Services

The Government of Nilkawt is currently seeking to recruit competent, highly experienced futurologists to assist with the development of policies and practices relating to counter-proliferation.  Successful candidates must be able to prove their complete loyalty.

If you are willing to participate in fully justifiable overt and covert operations against all forms of bullying and manipulation, so much the better.  Nilkawt seeks to rid the world of as many threats and risks as possible.

To participate in Nilkawt's advanced futurological services, you will initially be expected to have extraordinary skills in the assessment of open-source intelligence.  Please provide sufficient evidence of your abilities.  Any other experience you have gained in the gathering of intelligence should also be fully documented.

To be eligible, please ensure you meet the criteria for entry to Nilkawt.  If you have not yet visited Nilkawt, why is that?

The Treasury of Nilkawt is keen to prevent demographic threats, particularly those perpetrated by flying monkeys and fake individuals.  How well acquainted do you happen to be with the economy of Nilkawt?

Many of the advanced futurological services conducted on behalf of the Government of Nilkawt take place in the chancery additional official offices of this embassy and not in Nilkawt itself.  Even so, regardless of your gender, you will be asked, during the interview/interrogation process, to confirm your awareness of how to become a Lady-in-Waiting to the Nilkawtian Head of State.

Many senior futurologists are currently working in Nilkawt with The Most Reasonable Company of Simplifiers.  Preventing complications is a well-known Nilkawtian trait, though it is not necessarily expressed through the Dada School of Management.

If you have received management training anywhere, you may have an equally complicated mindset and will therefore be unsuitable for employment as a futurologist.  Quality suppliers of advanced futurological services do not communicate in slogans and soundbites, unlike most poorly trained managers.

For many years now, Nilkawt has been at the forefront of open international relations, especially through digital means.  Soon, however, this information service will become inaccessible to most ordinary members of the global public.

Foreign threats to Nilkawt's state enterprises have often been identified.  These have usually been vigorously overcome through soft power expressions of humour rights.

Advanced futurological services are an important tool for the provision and maintenance of peace and prosperity, all over the world.  This fact was recognised last year at an international conference on global finance.  The Nilkawtian intelligence services have since been attempting to encourage such intelligent practices through the OECD and various other misguided international entities.

In Nilkawt, all full citizens work to prevent the tyranny of false economies.  Those citizens know that productivity and poverty are often intertwined within the member countries of the OECD.

Nilkawtian sovereignty does not permit the offshoring of jobs.  This is mainly due to the fact that Nilkawt has no shoreline and most Nilkawtians are quite sure about that.  Therefore, if you seek to be employed by the Nilkawtians outside Nilkawt, you will be expected to become a Nilkawtian yourself beforehand.

The Government of Nilkawt does its best to attract the best foreign workers to work within Nilkawt itself, at least whenever an automaton or Nilkawtian is unavailable or unwilling to do the tasks required.  As a provider of advanced futurological services, you will be expected to be involved in improving Nilkawt into perpetuity.  Please supply your suggestions on how you intend to do so, as soon as possible.

There are many Nilkawtian undercover operations already underway to improve the world.  What is your knowledge of those operations?

One of the major efforts of the operatives involves preventing a financial crisis in Nilkawt. Preventing global financial crises would most likely be part of your brief.

Most of the information provided through this embassy contains coded messages for the operatives.  This does not necessarily apply when a formal announcement is made.