Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Her Excellency, Madam Magda Carter, is the Nilkawtian Ambassador to the Digital Sphere and Head of Protocol of the Government of Nilkawt.

Madam Carter has had a long career in the hotels, restaurants, museums, beachside boutiques, adaptable function rooms, conference halls and global picnic fields of international relations.  As our Chief of Mission to shining screens and human minds everywhere, Madam Carter brings peace on earth and goodwill to all pleasant ladies, gracious transgender persons, mild-mannered gentlemen, courteous adolescents, well-behaved children and all sorts of other benign creatures.

As the primary diplomatic representative of Nilkawt to the world, Madam Carter is perfectly capable of protecting the interests of her fellow Nilkawtians.  She also knows how to be very nice indeed to polite foreigners, even if they happen to be Australians.

Madam Carter is a highly experienced negotiator.  She is particularly keen to ensure friendly relationships are always maintained with absolute decorum.  This is mostly achieved over tea and cake in the parlour meant for you.

Whenever unfriendly activities occur in diplomatic circles, Madam Carter is eager to ensure the culprits are well aware of the displeasure caused.  All forms of rudeness are deeply distressing to our Head of State, Her Illustrious Highness, Twaklin I, Ethereal Grand Duchess of Nilkawt.

In view of the above, the duties of Madam Carter primarily relate to cultural and scientific pursuits rather than economic and commercial ones.  This digital embassy therefore provides enlightened guidance for the training and education of all persons in all societies.

Should your desires be mainly of an economic nature, and even involve the sordid pursuits of commerce, please take the back door route to the service wing for further information about the ethereal economy of Nilkawt.