Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Enlightenment Minister

The Nilkawtian Ministry of Enlightenment is currently seeking a suitably qualified, keen, clean and competent candidate to fill the excellently fulfilling position of Enlightenment Minister.  Unfortunately, the only candidates so far presenting themselves for consideration are known to overfill their chairs, clothes and stomachs rather distastefully and are therefore deemed unsuitable.

The people of Nilkawt require enlightenment just as much as people elsewhere in the world.  Unlike most other populations, the Nilkawtians consider their desire for enlightenment to be of great urgency.  They want enlightenment and they want it now.

The Government of Nilkawt is at a loss as to what to do about the situation.   Without an enlightenment minister there is no real point in having an education minister, a science minister or a health minister.

Only full citizens of Nilkawt are eligible for ministry positions.  Persons unable to distinguish between a ministry position and a missionary position will be deemed ineligible, for obvious reasons.