Thursday, 10 July 2014

Foreign Minister

The current Foreign Minister of Nilkawt, Doctor Henley Grange, is the resident hermit in the wilder parts of the royal palace grounds in Twaklinton, the national capital of Nilkawt.  He is an impatient, irascible and unsociable personage and hence rarely leaves his hermitage.  This makes him perfectly suited to his international duties regarding world peace and global prosperity.

Doctor Grange was formerly and formally a leading scientist at a once world-renowned Australian research institution.  His major scientific breakthrough, into the political benefits and detrimental personal effects of vineyards and their products, received widespread but unacknowledged media coverage throughout the world.  This led to the serious emotional breakdown Doctor Grange refuses to acknowledge, regardless of all the help and sympathy he has been offered by the reigning Head of State of Nilkawt, both in person and by referral.

Doctor Grange is a teetotaler.  Neither does he drink tea.  He is also a militant vegan and a lapsed Taoist.  He currently aspires to be a Jain.  In the warmer months, Doctor Grange is already notably clothed in the sky

Doctor Grange believes all foreign matters and foreign objects should be directed towards his wife, Jane, who is often to be found in the corridors and cafeterias of power in and around Canberra, Geneva and New York.  It should be noted that Mrs Grange is perfectly capable of looking after herself, with the assistance of her very well paid legal team.