Thursday, 24 July 2014

Minister for Immigration and Broader Inspection

Every year, thousands of unacceptable visa applications are received by the Nilkawtian Department of Immigration and Broader Inspection.  When the rare acceptable application is received, there is great rejoicing, not just in the department itself but throughout Nilkawt.

The Minister, Sister Shun Loxemup, sees herself primarily as the abbess of the secular yet secluded and enclosed Order of the Perpetual Wait at the Abbey of Needle's Eye.  Sister Shun is currently attempting to persuade prospective visitors to Nilkawt of the blessings to be obtained once they have undergone the arduous and absolutely required admission procedures.

Sister Shun is keen to ensure that a strict observance of the visa requirements is maintained, even though more than a few frustrated applicants, and even a few million frustrated applicants, feel trapped by their unfortunate situations.  As an act of mercy, therefore, the Government of Nilkawt has recently opened this digital embassy in order to ease the pressures on the overworked, frequently disappointed and dismally disillusioned staff at the Department of Immigration and Broader Inspection.

Should you wish to obtain a visa to visit Nilkawt, and even to reside in its territory, please apply here.  Sister Shun prays that you are able to distinguish between a petulant applicant, a penitent one, a pestilent and a postulant.