Monday, 28 July 2014

Minister for Arts and Sciences

As none of the Nilkawtian government ministers are permitted to enter any parliamentary chambers in Nilkawt during their terms of office, they usually hold their meetings in or near one of the beautiful cabinets within the royal palace.  And unlike other nations, the Nilkawtians have decided that their Minister for Arts and Science should be the unofficial leader of the Government of Nilkawt, at least when cabinet meetings are constitutionally required to be held. 

Unfortunately, most ministers are unable to attend most cabinet meetings, for a wide variety of reasons, which is why the current Minister for Arts and Sciences, Mr Rollo Polo, usually cancels each meeting after five minutes and then proceeds to eat all of the food supplied.  The Minister for Arts and Sciences is therefore one of the few obese personages within Nilkawt.

All other Nilkawtians have been properly trained in the art and science of nutritional excellence, healthy moderation and the suitable sharing of foodstuffs, but the minister missed those lessons due to being stuck in a cabinet and stuffing his mouth full of sandwiches.

Along with the other obese members of the public, Mr Rollo Polo tried to apply for the position of Enlightenment Minister, forgetting, of course, that the Constitution of Nilkawt strictly forbids anyone from applying for, nominating for, hinting about or buying ministry positions.

Mr Rollo Polo knows very little indeed about the arts and sciences, but at least he says he is willing to learn about such matters, particularly from the catering staff in the royal palace.