Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Minister for Energy, Upkeep and Equal Opportunities

The Nilkawtian Minister for Energy, Upkeep and Equal Opportunities, Doctor Wanda Wye, is responsible for many essential services.  These include the maintenance of the national bio-gas emergency electricity backup generator and the cleanliness of all the solar panels installed throughout Nilkawt for the production of hygienic electricity during daylight hours.

Doctor Wye also has responsibility for the health and aesthetic attributes of the whirling mechanisms used for generating electricity during windy weather, by day and by night.  Her main duty is to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to receive the energy they require for enlightened living.

Nilkawt is more than self-sufficient in energy at present.  The maintenance processes for the current systems of generation are excellently efficient.  There is no need for the Nilkawtians to import their electricity or gas from elsewhere, and they only very rarely have any use at all for petrochemical products.

Additional responsibilities under this portfolio include the maintenance of proper footpaths and proper bicycle, tricycle and electric scooter tracks, and public squares, public lavatories, public libraries, public picnic areas, outdoor seating areas, plus waste collection and recycling services, for obvious reasons.

The upkeep industry is also one of Nilkawt's main sources of employment.  Upkeep is considered by the Nilkawtians to be the primary essential service for any society.

Doctor Wye is far too busy to tell anyone much about herself at present. She is changing the washer in a dripping tap.