Friday, 8 August 2014


Obtaining Nilkawtian citizenship is one of the highest honours any ordinary mortal can possibly expect to receive during an entire, average lifetime.  It is therefore a requirement for new citizens of Nilkawt, old citizens and all sorts of other citizens, to express an appropriate level of gratitude on a daily and hourly basis, at least when awake.

All full citizens of Nilkawt also remain full citizens of Australia, though very few full citizens of Australia will ever have the opportunity to be or become full citizens of Nilkawt.  Any Nilkawtian losing Australian citizenship will immediately lose Nilkawtian citizenship.  In view of this, it is necessary to ensure all citizens uphold the International Laws of Decency.

Full Nilkawtian citizenship is obviously quite difficult to obtain, particularly without extensive and intensive training. Some understanding of history is also quite useful.

The Ethereal Grand Duchy of Nilkawt came into theoretically conscious existence, under Eternal Law, in the Australian Financial Year of 2002-2003, at which time the Nilkawtian citizenry consisted only of enlightened beings of highly significant and influential, ethereal, historical stature.  The statutes and statues of Nilkawt were then imaginatively created in draft form by a democratically-elected panel of those new ethereal citizens. 

At the same time, technical grounds for just causes were developed for the foundations of a new, temporary, digital royal palace.  The original, preternatural, pre-21st century, ethereal non-digital, magnificently illuminated manuscript version of an old royal palace has therefore now been stripped of its tangible assets.  Its remaining creative possibilities have been sold off for commercial purposes by the Government of Nilkawt. 

The shell of the old palace has now been financially structured through a shell company and transformed into a facility for temporary residents.  A new, more permanent royal palace has recently been imaginatively constructed.  That palace, Palazzo Twaklinilkawt, is where the grand Nilkawtian citizenship ceremonies now take place, at 2.30 pm precisely on 1 July each year.  As Nilkawt keeps to the same Financial Year as Australia, this is very convenient indeed from a taxation point of view.

Ordinary mortals have only been able to become citizens of Nilkawt since 2009 and most are still finding their way around an unfamiliar environment.  This particularly applies in the case of the current Nilkawtian Foreign Minister.

If you are currently a Nilkawtian citizen and you are concerned about losing that status, please note that a little of the information to assist you is currently supplied by the Australian Government.