Tuesday, 19 August 2014


It is most fortunate for the Nilkawtians, and for the rest of the world, that Nilkawt has a detailed, yet comprehensible and democratic Constitution.  Every Thursday, all Nilkawtians, according to the Constitution, are required to have a long luncheon with a small group of acquaintances.

During the weekly lunchtime meeting, the improvement of the Constitution is required to be the only topic of conversation, at least during the main course.   In view of this, most Nilkawtians enjoy eating together in silence.

A few people are known to prefer gathering for salads and in depth discussions on the merits of the current Constitutional system and the possible consequences of various proposed changes, but no-one else takes any notice.

Eating takes precedence over thoughts about presidents whenever a Nilkawtian casserole is served.  Improving any political system requires some thought about food, as well as food for thought, which is why a hot luncheon is more likely to be the hottest topic of conversation for the politically misguided or the merely hungry.