Monday, 25 August 2014

Grand Closing

In view of the fact that secret ballots in Nilkawt are very secret indeed, and the next Nilkawtian elections are to be held on Tuesday 30 September 2014, the Government of Nilkawt wishes to announce that this digital embassy, and all other Nilkawtian embassies around the world, will be shut from the end of August 2014 until further notice.

Although the further notice will not be available through this embassy, as it will still be shut, of course, please ensure you await further official announcements directly from Her Illustrious Highness the Ethereal Grand Duchess, Twaklin I.  These will be made available through the offices and auspices of her three very distinguished, very discreet and very private Private Secretaries, namely:

Lord Gregory Gobsmack-Twittering, Earl of Foolya

Lady Philophrosyne Facebookian-Flabberghast, Countess of Cupateeunkaique

Lord Dughall Google Platter-Plus-Bugle, Earl of Backoutshire

Notification Source A

Notification Source B

Notification Source C