Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Minister for Brilliance

The Nilkawtian Minister for Brilliance, Ms Sue Perdupah, recently returned from an international conference on brilliance.  It was hosted in Adelaide by the Australian avant-garde alternative government.  All governments require a Minister for Brilliance, at least if a suitable personage is available to fill the position.

The purpose of the Nilkawtian Ministry for Brilliance is to ensure all forms of brilliance are easily acquired by any citizens of Nilkawt of adequate talent, even if they happen to be government ministers.

Ms Sue Perdupah claims to be one of Nilkawt's most innovative citizens.  She is the person who proposed that the Embassy of Nilkawt publish digital postings every weekday, at 9 o'clock in the morning, usually in accordance with the Nilkawtian and Adelaidean timezone.  She is also the one who decided that brilliance does not equate with gaudiness.

Some visitors to our digital embassy may find our presentations and decorations here to be rather too monochromatic at times, and therefore rarely flashy, trashy or dramatic.  Digital diplomacy is a serious activity for which Nilkawtians lead the world, hence our highly respected sobriety and propriety.

Even so, the Minister for Brilliance believes that flirting is a worthwhile political strategy with which to ascertain the trustworthiness of other persons.  It works far better than alcohol whenever matters of protocol require re-examination.

Of course, all flirting on official Nilkawtian business is strictly in accordance with protocol and the subtle limits of respectfulness, which is why no representative of Nilkawt would ever resort to sleaze.