Monday, 11 August 2014

Minister for Tolerance

Minister Drew C. Christie is currently in charge of the wide-ranging portfolio of the Nilkawtian Department for Tolerance.  As a transgender, asexual and apolitical hermaphrodite, the minister makes perfectly balanced decisions on every topic. 

It is of no concern to the minister, or of anyone else for that matter, that such an enlightened person would be born as neither male nor female and at the same time be both male and female.  Most well-informed people will therefore believe everyone has the right to be as nature intended them to be, at least in a physical sense, if that is how the individual in question chooses to continue their existence. 

The Department for Tolerance is mostly composed of persons with much better things to do than put other people into intolerable categories.  Even so, the Nilkawtian Constitution includes the right to believe in anything at all, however silly, but not the right to express ill-informed beliefs other than through works of fiction and/or as appropriate expressions of religion.

The minister is particularly responsible for ensuring religious and irreligious tolerance can be maintained in a proper place.  The Hall of Contested Fictions is therefore the only location in Nilkawt deemed appropriate for the public and community expression of any purportedly religious and/or ideological behaviour, including all forms of proselytism.  All other areas of Nilkawtian territory are out-of-bounds to such behaviours, thereby maintaining an adequate separation between the scientifically verifiable, secular state and threats to its existence.