Tuesday, 26 August 2014


The Treasury of Nilkawt is supervised by the Chief Lady-in-Waiting (CLW) to Her Illustrious Highness the Ethereal Grand Duchess.  The CLW position holder, in her financial capacity, is known as the Great Saviour of the Treasury.  In a political capacity, she is known as the (sub) Prime Minister.

Depending on the qualities of the Chief Lady-in-Waiting, the prime ministerial activities may either be substandard or merely subordinated to more important matters.  Political activities are rarely substantial in Nilkawt, even for someone with responsibility for the nation's sublime finances.

As Great Saviour of the Treasury, the Chief Lady-in-Waiting appoints all of the economic, banking, insurance and financial advisers to the Nilkawtian people.  Her main duty, in such a capacity, is to ensure a steady and substantial revenue stream for the running of Nilkawt, regardless of the quantity or quality of water, or lack of it, in the fields, gardens, forests, orchards, creeks, ponds, dams and rainwater tanks of the nation.

Money is often to be treated like water in Nilkawt, as stated in the Constitution:  Money:  Too much of it often creates a muddy social swamp and much inconvenience to persons of little wealth.  Too little of it tends to dry up all enthusiasm and leads intelligent persons to go elsewhere in search of a better life

The Chief Lady-in-Waiting is also the Head of the Royal Household.  This position has a far higher status, and much higher power, than that of the three private Private Secretaries to Her Illustrious Highness.  Fortunately, in her occasionally infinite wisdom, the current ethereal grand duchess, Twaklin I, has ensured that the Chief Lady-in-Waiting position is filled newly each day from a roster of all the suitably qualified ladies within her household.  At present, there are three hundred and seventy-seven such persons.

In colloquial terms, the CLW is known as The Clue.  In view of this, no-one can say that Her Illustrious Highness doesn't have a Clue.  In fact, even before her unpredicted and unprecedented accession to the throne, the ethereal grand duchess had been responsible for training all the ladies in question to be ladies in waiting.

Unfortunately, most ladies in the world are, of course, still waiting not only for the training they require in order to take up their rightful places in society, they are also waiting for the respect due to them for their current abilities, their expressed and unexpressed qualities, and their untapped abilities to balance household, national and global budgets.

As the treasury position is so important in Nilkawt, ordinary meetings of the Cabinet are chaired by the unofficial Head of Government, namely the Minister for Arts and Sciences.