Monday, 6 October 2014

Independent Commissioners for Free and Fair Elections

Peer pressure is often a problem in any society.  It is for this reason that secret ballots are required, even though many voters still believe they are meant to vote as others wish them to vote.

In Nilkawt, such problems are easily solved.  Reasonably free elections require little funding in Nilkawt.  They are therefore almost free in several senses of the word.

Reasonably fair elections, like all forms of fairness, require suitably experienced persons to make the most important decisions.  There is nothing more important than choosing members of a cabinet, which is why the decision should never be left to one person.

Electing a cabinet is far more important than attempting to choose political or economic representatives of lesser influence.  In most societies, only positions of lesser influence are voted upon by ordinary members of the public.  In Nilkawt, persons highly likely to become cabinet members are usually ordinary members of the public themselves.

The Independent Commissioners for Free and Fair Elections are responsible for ensuring representatives of Nilkawtian ordinariness are given the most suitable cabinet positions for their talents.   In most other societies, persons of mediocre talent and extraordinarily narcissistic tendencies are usually given cabinet positions for which they are quite unsuited.

There are three commissioners, all of whom are extraordinarily tall, muscular and excellent debaters.  They work as a well co-ordinated team to ensure each voter has all the tools of persuasion required in order to make the correctly democratic decisions.