Thursday, 9 October 2014

International Law

As a founding member of the Enlightened Nations, Nilkawt upholds the International Laws of Decency, as well as Eternal Law.  Responding to external matters requires a full and comprehensive understanding of international laws, universal laws and transcendental laws.  This is why the Nilkawtians delegate such tasks to their very well trained diplomatic officials.

As with any society, very few Nilkawtians know very much about any sort of law at all.  It is why most citizens of Nilkawt are currently receiving training in such matters.

The Government of Nilkawt does not recognise the legitimacy of any other government in the international sphere unless that government recognises the ethereal and institutional sovereignty of Nilkawt and its citizens.  Applying to recognise Nilkawtian sovereignty is very easy indeed for any government to achieve.  Unfortunately, most governments have very little ability to achieve anything of long-term benefit to the world, regardless of how long they have been in power.