Monday, 15 December 2014

Tourism Commissioner

Although this embassy can supply a little information about tourism in Nilkawt, most of the details of most relevance to most tourists will be found through the Nilkawtian Tourism Commission.  On the other hand, the visitors' centres dotted around Nilkawt are not run by the Tourism Commission at all.  They are run by the local government authorities in which those centres are situated.

The Tourism Commissioner, Sir Wolfie A Mozart, has only just been appointed.  In fact, the Tourism Commission itself opened for the first time yesterday.  The ceremony and the offices were noted for being thoroughly magnificent by the fortunate guests in attendance.  There were also a few unfortunate guests who missed the ceremony, having lost their way after being given an out-of-date map at a visitors' centre.

As with many official and unofficial tourism promoters/commissioners in the world today, Sir Wolfie intends to spend a great deal of time and money, over the next few years, promoting Nilkawtian tourism by travelling the world.  Through being a tourist elsewhere, especially in very nice places, the Nilkawtian Tourism Commissioner hopes to learn how to promote Nilkawt in ways that are both interesting to himself and inter-culturally appropriate.  And as a former touring musician, Sir Wolfie intends to ensure that every time a piece of his music is played, anywhere in the world, everyone will subsequently attempt to book a Nilkawtian holiday.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Inns of Kawt

The legal system in Nilkawt is known to be the best in the world.  This is because whenever the entire system breaks down, no-one really notices.

Although the Nilkawtian legal system obviously has some similarities to common law, the uncommon law of Nilkawt has an elegant foundation of cognitive empathy underpinning its jurisprudence.  Its principles of equity flow graciously through the Inns of Kawt, where all full citizens of Nilkawt have received excellent training prior to becoming full citizens.

At the Inns of Kawt, the Nilkawtian Principle Law of Courtesy is taught first, after which the Nilkawtian Principal Law of Constitutional Consistency is explained.  The Inns of Kawt are not quite the same as the Inns of Court of a common law jurisdiction though they are similar in many respects.  The main difference is that anyone desiring to become a full citizen of Nilkawt is required to be called to the Tea Room rather than a Bar.

To learn more about the 

Nilkawtian Principle Law of Courtesy

1. Request some guidance from the digital Nilkawtian ambassador

2. Invite the Nilkawtian head of state to an event

3. Model your own behaviour on that of the Nilkawtian Minister for Courtesy and Moral Philosophy

4. Support global prosperity by emulating the success of the Nilkawtian Trade and Investment Commissioner

To learn more about the 

Nilkawtian Principal Law of Constitutional Consistency

1. Participate in the Parliament of Nilkawt

2. Participate in local government in Nilkawt

3. Participate in the traditions of Nilkawt

4. Understand why a Constitutional crisis may occasionally occur

To be called to the Tea Room, a trainee is required to acknowledge that the laws of tort have been taught particularly well.  The trainee then receives a summons to serve tea and torte to everyone sitting on the Very Full Bench.

Monday, 8 December 2014

An Excellent Economy

Nilkawt has the world's best economy.  Most of its infrastructure is held by the public.  Most of its services are managed privately.  It is therefore neither socialist nor capitalist.

The uniqueness of Nilkawt's economy, and its enviable record of prosperity, means that the world's economists are perplexed.  Their theories have never been put in place in Nilkawt yet no Nilkawtians are excessively poor or excessively rich, except voluntarily.

The banking system of Nilkawt may be subject to international scrutiny at present but so is every other banking system linked to the international banking system.  The Nilkawtians have been trying to unlink their banking system from the international banking system for some time, without success.

More about the banking system of Nilkawt:

In relation to entry requirements for prospective visitors to Nilkawt

In relation to the Bank of Nilkawt

In relation to the Treasury of Nilkawt

In relation to the openness of Nilkawt's government and society

In relation to doing business in Nilkawt

To understand more about the economy of Nilkawt:

Please do not contact the ambassador

Please do book a tour of the royal palace

Please try to learn more about the Nilkawtian treasury

Please attempt to inform yourself about Nilkawtian elections and influence

Please be generous with your trade and investment activities in Nilkawt