Thursday, 5 February 2015

Land Titles, Social Titles and Entitlements

All land titles, social titles and entitlements in Nilkawt are recorded in the illuminated and voluminous Broomsday Book.  For practical daily purposes, however, the most relevant information is bundled together in packages known as Rights and Deeds.

No non-Nilkawtian titles have any relevance or recognition within Nilkawtian territory unless formally and officially sanctioned by the Nilkawtian head of state in consultation with the Pretty Council.

All land titles in Nilkawt are held at the pleasure of the Nilkawtian head of state.  In practice, this means that all land is owned by the Nilkawtian state under Twaklin title and not by individual persons or corporate persons other than the state itself.

All personal titles in Nilkawt are chosen by the head of state in consultation with the Pretty Council.  This applies for each Nilkawtian person and for each non-Nilkawtian visitor or resident.

There are very few entitlements in Nilkawt in association with land, except for the payment of rents, royalties and the entitlement to privacy associated with rentals.  The ability to seek rent in Nilkawt is thereby prevented.

There are many entitlements in Nilkawt associated with social titles.  This is why each person's Rights and Deeds package contains immensely important documents providing much of the guidance regarding social acceptability in Nilkawt.