Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Office of Electoral Progress

All Nilkawtian embassies and government institutions are usually closed during Nilkawtian election campaigns.  Fortunately, there is no election in progress in Nilkawt at present, though the matter of progress is often a matter of speculation in Nilkawt, as elsewhere.

The head of state of Nilkawt is the only person eligible to announce the results of Nilkawtian elections.  Given the fact that Her Illustrious Highness the Ethereal Grand Duchess is far too busy elsewhere at present to bother about such matters, she is yet to provide the Nilkawtians with any knowledge at all regarding the next cabinet.

The most qualified ladies-in-waiting in the palace often take it in turns amongst themselves to be the prime minister for a day or two, which suits everyone very well indeed on most occasions.  Most governments are likely to work perfectly well without the meddling and muddling of a cabinet.

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Now that the introductions are out of the way, more can be said about the Office of Electoral Progress.  The purpose of the Office is to identify ways to progress beyond the already excellent Nilkawtian electoral system in order to increase democratic participation, societal peacefulness and affectionate fairness further.  The officers in the Office therefore offer encouragement to anyone curious enough to enhance evidence-based societal improvements, whether those persons are Nilkawtians or not.

The Office is highly independent.  It has no commissioner and no supervising minister.  In fact, the officers in the Office of Electoral Progress are exceedingly democratic themselves.  They also consult widely, being open to receiving appropriate suggestions from anyone.  Unfortunately, this means that the officers rarely do anything at all except talk to each other and try to agree with everyone about everything, at least when they are all able to verify the facts.

Here are some relevant facts to consider:

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4. Public holidays

It is fortunate indeed that the officers in the Office of Electoral Progress are the main official educators in Nilkawt.  Anyone wishing to become a full citizen of Nilkawt is required to work as an officer in the Office for at least one full year before becoming eligible for such a citizenship, except in exceptional circumstances.

One new officer is inducted into the Office every day of the week between June and September.  Each new officer then begins a full-time training course of ten hours a day on every day of the week over eight weeks.  This is followed by part-time employment in the Office of Electoral Progress for five hours a day, on two days of the week, over the following forty-four weeks, at least if the officer manages to stay the distance.

Repeating failed aspects of the course is permitted, even after repeatedly failing, which is why some officers are employed in the Office for their entire Nilkawtian careers.