Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Hike Kawt Challenge

Yesterday, this embassy received a writ, through the Nilkawtian Hike Kawt Court of the Caught, preventing any mention of the names of the new cabinet members.  Apparently, several of the new cabinet members believe their new status to be unconstitutional, hence their challenge.

There has been much discussion in the Nilkawtian Parliament, as well as in the Hike Kawt Court itself, as to whether the challenge itself is constitutional or not.  There have also been conversations, debates and arguments on the matter in local government halls and chambers.  The Nilkawtians have always taken their politics seriously.

Even with its many silly and not-so-silly traditions, Nilkawt has a beautiful political system.  It has wonderful land titles, social titles and entitlements.  It has an amazing education system.  It occasionally has a slightly disruptive Constitutional Crisis, but the Nilkawtians always provide a suitably elegant travel advisory in such circumstances.

There is often much to commend the Nilkawtians upon when they offer their hospitality to visitors.  Tourists are rarely inconvenienced in Nilkawt, at least if they have the ability to pay their way properly.  This is particularly the case when visiting the royal palace.

Since the Hike Kawt Challenge was announced, there have been many additional bookings for special tours of the Inns of Kawt and the local Low Kawt Courts.  In fact, business in Nilkawt has been booming ever since the restoration of the money key.  There has been so much work for students of the  Twaklinian School of International and Constitutional Law and Peace, in their capacity as legal tour guides, that most do not currently have the time to study and are therefore failing their courses.

Fees for entry to Nilkawt are likely to rise soon, considering the larger-than-usual number of applications for visas.   Everyone wants to be where there is an excellent economy.  Even the Nilkawtian Treasury officials are perplexed by the situation.  The openness of the accounts may be part of the reason for this upsurge of interest.

The reason for the writ, and the interest from the public, the media, and even foreign governments and international financial institutions, is that all the new Nilkawtian cabinet ministers happen to be senior officials in the Bank of Nilkawt.