Thursday, 12 March 2015

Important Government Announcement

The Nilkawtian Head of State, Her Illustrious Highness, Twaklin I, Ethereal Grand Duchess of Nilkawt, has just announced the names of the new Cabinet of Nilkawt, in a private ceremony in the royal palace.

Using the latest electoral technology, the grand duchess keyed in the password, as privately as possible, then turned the three additional cabinet keys in accordance with the secret electoral instruction manual.

Unfortunately, someone had forgotten to recharge the batteries and the machine would not work.  This often happens with new technology.

New duties should usually be inserted into a job specification long before the use of an unfamiliar gadget is implemented.  Even the inventor of the machine forgot to mention that in the instruction manual.

A head of state should, therefore, never be left in an embarrassing situation by the occasional incompetence of any of her (or his) usually competent private secretaries.  It is why more that one private secretary should be appointed, to check the work of the other(s) sufficiently.

Fortunately, being an excellent leader herself, the grand duchess had already practiced the ceremony, in even more privacy, several weeks ago and on several private occasions since then.  Sufficient rehearsals are necessary for any important performance.

Her Illustrious Highness had therefore ensured she had total familiarity with the workings of the machine, the results of the election, and with the public and private lives of the new cabinet ministers.  Such foresight should be routine for any world leader, long before making announcement publicly.

Tomorrow, the results of the election are likely to be officially announced in public.