Friday, 20 March 2015

System of Honours

Many people around the world are fascinated by the Nilkawtian system of honours.  All honours in Nilkawt are related to raising the status of Nilkawtian citizenship.  This process often entails a devotion towards an enlightened approach to democracy.  It also involves the willingness to uphold a suitably peaceful yet assertive approach to sovereignty.

Apart from becoming the Nilkawtian head of state, one of the highest honours in Nilkawt is to be inducted into the Order of the Charter.  Other honours involve leading the counties of Nilkawt and/or serving in Nilkawtian government duties, particularly commissions.  Gaining citizenship in Nilkawt is an honour in itself, especially as the selection processes are so rigorous.

In keeping with tradition, honours in Nilkawt are very much the same as those in other countries, except that none are hereditary.  The recipients of honours are usually of two sorts:  They have either had a great deal of good fortune and can therefore spare a little time and money towards gaining philanthropic recognition and subsequent honours, or they have had a great deal of misfortune and have therefore been forced to contact government ministers and members of the media on numerous occasions in order to obtain even a basic amount of necessary attention and some subsequent sympathy.

No-one in Nilkawt is permitted to use foreign titles or fake titles, except by paying for the privilege.  A significant amount of Nilkawtian government revenue is gained from the Titles Tax.  Additional government revenues are raised by the taxes on prestigious job titles and sinecures.  It is no surprise, therefore, that Nilkawt easily balances its budget each year.

Most Nilkawtian honours are currently awarded at the new royal palace, Palazzo Twaklinilkawt, in the capital, Twaklinton.  The historic aspects of the occasion mean that several members of the Faculty of Official Historians are usually on hand to provide reasonably well-informed eye-witness accounts of the proceedings.