Thursday, 9 April 2015

Government Revenues

The world's most highly respected economists and experts on public administration have often wondered how Nilkawt manages to remain such a peaceful and prosperous society, regardless of conditions in the global economy.  Nilkawt's revenues are always raised scientifically so that they may also be expended and expanded scientifically.

Even the current Nilkawtian head of state has been scientifically trained in such matters, ensuring Her Illustrious Highness is always able to ask the most pertinent and penetrating questions of anyone anywhere.  Here are a few sample questions the ethereal grand duchess has been known to ask:

1. Why is charity necessary in a prosperous society?

2. When should a scientific institution be closed?

3. What time is it?

4. Where is the supervisor?

5. Who truly expresses community usefulness?

6. How are your main interests expressed in the world?

In Nilkawt, persons unable satisfactorily to answer the questions politely asked of them by the head of state are required to pay fines in proportion to the scientific and interpersonal ignorance they display.  On most occasions, the most accurate scientific answer is:  "I am very sorry Your Illustrious Highness but I am afraid my grasp of the subject is inadequate".

The most ignorant persons in Nilkawt provide the government with most of its revenues.  This is mainly due to the fact that the most ignorant persons usually already believe they know everything there is to know about everything.  They are also likely to wish to interact with the head of state more often than most other citizens, to raise their prestige, hence their substantial contributions to the public coffers.