Friday, 17 April 2015

Minister for Education, Training and Interpersonal Niceties

Over recent months, there has been a huge increase in the number of foreign students in Nilkawt.  This has caused many difficulties, mainly because it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a Nilkawtian and a foreigner, between a tourist and a trainee, and between a truly good person and a rather nasty character.

In view of the above, it is interesting, to say the least, to know that a new minister has been appointed to supervise educational matters throughout Nilkawtian territory.  There has been no proper education minister in Nilkawt for over one hundred and fifty years.

Although all students in Nilkawt are required to be of adequate maturity, and indeed to have been officially and legally considered to be adults for at least a decade beforehand, in many parts of the world, this does not necessarily mean such students are beneficial to the good order of Nilkawtian society.  

There was formerly a Minister for Training in Nilkawt.  Even so, there are many facilities in Nilkawt providing a more theoretical than practical education.  There are, fortunately, also several institutions harmoniously combining theory and practice with beauty, understanding and magnificence.

The Nilkawtian head of state is particularly keen to ensure education, training and interpersonal niceties are improved on a continual basis, throughout the world.  It has also been officially revealed, by the private Private Secretaries to Her Illustrious Highness, that no deputy ministers have recently been appointed.  This means that the full ministers will all be required to assist each other as necessary, or at least to make a little effort towards doing so.

The duties of the former Minister for Courtesy and Moral Philosophy, as well as those of the former Deputy Minister for Courtesy and Moral Philosophy, the former Minister for Tolerance, the former Minister for Lawnless Order, and the former Minister for Communications, will also be combined in the new portfolio.

The new Nilkawtian Minister for Education, Training and Interpersonal Niceties is Mr Nick MacYavelly.  He has previously worked his way ambitiously through the ranks of the Bank of Nilkawt to reach the position of Corporate Takeover Specialist.

In his spare time, Mr MacYavelly likes to ride rough shod horses through the Australian agricultural sector, drive luxury foreign motorcars though the Australian vehicle manufacturing industries, and add to his extensive collection of exploitative international investments.

Mr MacYavelly is a charming gentleman, eager to please major shareholders and other persons of great influence.  He is a patron of several conservatoriums, consortiums and congressional contests. 

The Minister is also a member of several exclusive, private clubs and secret societies.  He has stated publicly that he has the right contacts for all sorts of situations, the benefits of which he is willing to divulge as he sees fit.  He is therefore an excellent personage to assist suitably confident and courageous students and trainees in their future careers.

Here are just a few of the educational and training facilities to be found within Nilkawt:

The International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence

The Nilkawtian Beneficence Society

The Inns of Kawt

The Hall of Contested Fictions

The Institute for Polite Policing

The Twaklinian School of International and Constitutional Law and Peace

The Office of Electoral Progress

The Faculty of Official Historians

The Electoral College

The Royal Palace Association of Suitably Qualified Tour Guides

The Parliamentary Chamber of Educational Democracy

The National School of Acting and Effective Action