Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Minister for Peace and Justice

The legal system of Nilkawt has developed over thousands of years.  The necessity for the law to reflect expectations of peace and justice has always relied upon the ability of:

a) Parliamentarians to provide legislation;

b) Cabinet ministers to carry out and delegate their legislated duties, and

c) The judiciary to interpret the law in the light of evidence.

The former attorney-general, acting between the parliamentarians and the judicial officers, received a great deal of assistance in performing her duties.  She has, for many years, been a vocal advocate for therapeutic jurisprudence.

In Nilkawtian jurisprudence, The Most Magnificent and Sensible Sunhat is the state in all its aspects, even during inclement weather and climatological extremes.  In both everyday and legislative terminology, The Sunhat is usually referred to as Nilkawt rather than The Sunhat, the crown, or anything else for that matter, except when straw man arguments are presented in parliament.

The former attorney-general, like her predecessors since time immemorial, had a great many responsibilities.  The current excessive workload of the Nilkawtian judiciary may be a consequence of that.

The former duties of the former attorney-general are now formally those of the new Minster for Peace and Justice, Ms Laura Ntuha-Selph.  Ms Ntuha-Selph was the main instigator of the recent Hike Kawt challenge.  She has often been a vocal critic of parliament, the cabinet and the judiciary through the Nilkawtian media.  She believes she is entitled to additional honours, which she considers to be long overdue.  She has also apparently complained in private that the Constitution needs to be altered to ensure clarity concerning the levels of government in Nilkawt.

Ms Ntuha-Selph is a former corporate lawyer.  She was, until recently, employed by the Bank of Nilkawt.  Before that, she worked for many other major banks around the world.  In view of this, Ms Ntuha-Selph is particularly annoyed about the lack of current opportunities for personal wealth enhancement through Nilkawtian government revenues.

In view of her numerous complaints, Ms Laura Ntuha-Selph has occasionally been brought before the Hike Kawt Court of the Caught, and various lower courts, where she has been tried for possible breaches of the Constitution.  She has been known to suggest changes to the Constitution, as indicated above.  She has also complained officially about the traditions of Nilkawt, unofficially about the parliament, vocally about the local Low Kawt courts, and she has even raised very loud concerns that the governance of Nilkawt is repeatedly in a state of crisis.

Ms Ntuha-Selph is the eldest daughter of a former chief judge of the Hike Kawt Court of the Caught, Lord Ditoeva, and of a current judge of the court, Lady Madge Estrait.  Ms Ntuha-Selph is currently married to the Earl of Foolya, meaning she is able to call herself the Countess of Foolya in any location but a court of law.  On the most public of occasions she is therefore known as Lady Gobsmack-Twittering.

Her former husband, Professor Lester Leicester Less-Stir, is currently married to Lady Esther Less-Stir, Countess of Austrooliana.  Ms Ntuha-Selph took her first husband's surname for professional purposes, yet he changed his upon his subsequent marriage.  Professor Less-Stir is currently the dean of the Twaklinian School of International and Constitutional Law and Peace.