Tuesday, 7 April 2015

National Anthem

Nilkawtians are predominantly Handelian in their musical tastes, hence their melodious national anthem often attempts to reflect a glorious medley of baroque sumptuousness and presumptuousness.  Most usually, however, just as when any national anthem is performed, the musicians and instruments available, not to mention the singers, are of an inadequate standard.

Similarly, just as most national anthems are rarely played or sung in full, the succinct version of the Nilkawtian national anthem is required to suffice on many occasions.  The full version, when performed at the correct tempo, lasts for approximately three and three-quarter hours.  The succinct version, on the other hand, only usually lasts for twenty-five minutes.

In international circles, there is great relief that Nilkawt never sends sporting* teams or orchestral ensembles to play anywhere outside Nilkawtian territory.  The Constitution of Nilkawt requires that the full version of the national anthem must be played whenever and wherever a Nilkawtian representative may possibly appear or be heard or be mentioned through any broadcast media, anywhere in the world.

Most national governments have consequentially urged their diplomatic representatives to draft urgent, unilaterally-applicable treaties with the Government of Nilkawt, to ensure Nilkawtians do not appear on television or on radio very often, even inadvertently.

* Further information on sport in Nilkawt