Thursday, 2 April 2015

National Parks

Most areas of Nilkawt visited by tourists are so beautiful that anyone would think the entire Nilkawtian grand duchy is a national park.  In an effort to prevent degradation of the environment, there are no polluting industries within the territory.  All waste is efficiently recycled.  All water is put to suitable reuse.  All plant and animal species in Nilkawt are effectively controlled.

There are no eucalypts in Nilkawt.  There are no pines in Nilkawt.  Bushfires are therefore avoided.  The various landscapes have a number of capabilities.  Everything has been harmoniously designed to look as natural as possible, except near the royal palace.

There are many national parks within Nilkawt, even so.  There is the Circumference Park around the entire perimeter.  There are the walking parks, to village parks, the royal parks, and the shopping parks.  There are no car parks.

All parks in Nilkawt are national parks.  They are lovingly protected, low maintenance areas, the main purpose of which is to enhance the health and well-being of the Nilkawtians and their visitors.