Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Political Parties

Nilkawt is the world's most elegant and egalitarian society.   There is really no point in any group giving much attention to politics in Nilkawt, except when actively participating in parliament.

Unlike in most other countries, nations and states, the political parties in Nilkawt never consider themselves to be part of the Nilkawtian state itself.  Nilkawtian political parties are merely community groups, just like any other.

There are no restrictions on moderate political activities within Nilkawt.  Most Nilkawtian political parties are not called political parties at all.  Moderation is the key to peace in Nilkawt, just as it is anywhere.  And individual Nilkawtians would certainly never name a political group after themselves, unlike excessively egocentric Australians.

Parliamentary* question time is a civilised affair in Nilkawt.  Afternoon tea is served simultaneously in both parlour chambers.  A competent string quartets perform charmingly pleasant chamber music unobtrusively behind the Speaker's chair in each parlour.  Birthday cakes are served daily, just in case a suitable celebration is required.  Therefore, all active political parties in Nilkawt are also birthday parties.

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