Sunday, 19 July 2015

Constitutional Reform

The Nilkawtian head of state, Her Illustrious Highness the Ethereal Grand Duchess, Twaklin I, has just given a highly unusual speech in the Thrown Room of the Royal Palace in Twaklinton.

Although the speech was officially presented privately, it was unofficially presented publicly in the presence of a large group of relatively unenlightened Australian tourists.  Nothing can ever be considered private when unenlightened persons gather together within hearing range, regardless of their nationality.

Her Illustrious Highness appears to have stated that constitutional changes are required in Nilkawt so that the matter of Nilkawtian constitutional reform can be discussed in public within Nilkawtian territory rather than just in private or outside Nilkawtian territory.  This point of view soon reached several members of the Nilkawtian cabinet, some of whom began cheering loudly and jumping up and down with glee upon receiving the news.

The idea of public discussion in connection with proposals for constitutional reform is a revolutionary concept in Nilkawt.  Clarification and verification regarding the comments of the head of state, and the actions of the cabinet ministers, has been urgently sought by this embassy.

---More to come... (hopefully)