Monday, 20 July 2015

Institute of the Twaklinesque

In terms of cultural diplomacy, there are many ways to interact with the culture of Nilkawt.  Through the Institute of the Twaklinesque, many of the best features of Nilkawtian life are promoted.

For example, Nilkawtian English is the best form of the English language in the world.  In view of this, and as a direct consequence of that fact, Nilkawtian literature provides several of the world's best examples of the literary arts.

The Institute of the Twaklinesque enables ordinary speakers and/or writers of the English language, whether it is their first language or not, to enhance their communication abilities to the highest possible level.

Just as this digital embassy exists to ensure pleasantness can continue not only in Nilkawt but also in this embassy, and every other Nilkawtian diplomatic mission, the Institute of the Twaklinesque extends that purpose throughout the entire world.  It does so wherever anyone has a need to be properly understood.

Additional aspects of Nilkawtian culture are also displayed, demonstrated and defined through the Institute of the Twaklinesque.

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