Monday, 17 August 2015

Intentional Communities, Settlements and Residential Care Institutions

All cities, towns and villages in Nilkawt have been intentionally planned, developed, and populated on the basis of the psychological characteristics most likely to ensure peace and harmony can be maintained.  Communities usually consist of ambiverts.  Settlements usually consist of introverts.  Excessively extroverted persons, on the other hand, usually inhabit residential care institutions.

Psychological assessments are of the utmost importance in Nilkawt.  They are always conducted by suitably trained ambiverts, working in teams appointed by a panel of expert, introverted neuroscientists.

The panel itself is selected by a committee of highly experienced, extroverted psychologists.  Members of the committee, in turn, are appointed by having their names pulled out of a hat by the head of state at the annual Maintaining the Peace ceremony in the royal palace.

Having good neighbours is important for everyone.  Once the most consistent personality features of individuals are identified, it is much easier to know how well people are likely to get along with each other.  It is for this reason that all residential property in Nilkawt is owned by the state.

Each person seeking long-term accommodation in Nilkawt is initially required to submit to psychological testing in order to determine the type of neighbour that person is likely to be.  Persons seeking short-term accommodation are usually treated in the same way as tourists and other visitors.

Once the psychological process has been completed, in a facility developed for that purpose, other aspects of a potential resident's qualities will be taken into consideration.  For example, the location of the person's work will be considered, as will the locations of persons who have expressed affection for the individual in question. 

The initial assessment process lasts for between three and five weeks.  Each Nilkawtian county has its own tenant assessment facility, managed by the local government authorities.  The facilities are also used for tribunal purposes in the resolution of local disputes. 

Persons subsequently considered to be annoying to their neighbours are frequently required to spend several weeks residing in a tenant assessment facility, for the purposes of reassessment and possible psychiatric referral.

All psychological assessments are conducted on a full, fee-for-service basis.  All rents are payable in advance.  A bond is required to be paid before taking possession of a property in any Nilkawtian community, settlement or residential care institution.  The fixed cost of the bond is equivalent to six months rental.

Once the initial assessment process is completed, the elected members of all relevant districts with suitable vacant accommodation can compete amongst themselves to acquire the potential new tenant.  During this second stage, a confidential statement is sent from the assessment facility to each district, providing an outline of the unnamed person's essential characteristics, values and interests.