Monday, 21 September 2015

Most Enlightened Nation Status

An enlightened Constitution, such as the Nilkawtian one, enshrines both freedom of religion and freedom from religion.  This is why Nilkawt has received Most Enlightened Nation Status within the Enlightened Nations.

In Nilkawt, religion is a private and personal pursuit.  It is discussed in private.  It is expressed in private.  There is only one public location within Nilkawtian territory within which religious ideas, of any sort, may be expressed.

Philosophy is another matter entirely.  Discussions about philosophy, science and all sorts of other non-religious matters are acceptable within the Nilkawtian public sphere.

Nilkawtians failing to uphold this part of the Constitution are liable to have their citizenship status downgraded. 

Visitors disrespecting this part of the Constitution are likely to be deported immediately, even if those persons have existed in Nilkawtian territory for many years.