Monday, 28 September 2015

Office of Statistical Enlightenment

There is always much work occurring behind the scenes in Nilkawt, just as there is in this embassy in Adelaide, and in other parts of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  

The Office of Statistical Enlightenment, which is usually known outside Nilkawtian territory, and especially at the Enlightened Nations, as the Nilkawtian Office of Statistical Enlightenment, or NOSE, is well known for its wide range of surveys, investigative interviews, and even its annual Required Enlightenment Census.

Being able to provide a selection of statistics to display on the world stage is important for any nation, whether enlightened or not.  The accuracy of those statistics is rarely questioned, unless the figures vary markedly from whatever is considered, speculatively, to be comparatively average.

Science is often questioned when something outside the average occurs.  Recently, for example, Australian universities claimed to have found volcanoes hiding both on land and in the sea.  They supplied this evidence:

Water Sample

Land Sample

Nilkawtians, on the other hand, would never claim to find large geological structures hidden in their midsts.  The geological structures of Nilkawt are outstandingly stable and exceedingly well understood, which is itself statistically remarkable.

Most statistical information about Nilkawt is usually only released to trustworthy officials and fee-paying subscribers under conditions of strict confidentiality.