Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Royal Coat of Farms

As a peaceful, sovereign nation, Nilkawt does not have any armaments.  It therefore has no official coat of arms but it does have a royal coat of farms.  This is in keeping with fact that the only shield required in Nilkawt is one protecting its citizens from all forms of extremes, in a similar way to a sunhat or an oilskin coat.

The royal coat of farms is a simple device, containing little more than a heraldic field.  The field may be displayed singularly, as shown in the illustration, or presented in combination for scientific purposes.

Outside Nilkawtian territory, its tinctures may be more distinctive, depending upon the diplomatic purposes to which the royal coat of farms is put.

Only the Head of State, and therefore the state itself, is permitted to have a coat of farms in Nilkawt, the reason being that Her Illustrious Highness is the title owner, on behalf of the state, of all Nilkawtian farms.