Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Austrooliana Club

Although all land in Nilkawt is owned by the state, there are many facilities for private residential purposes, private business purposes, semi-private community purposes, public official purposes and assorted social purposes.

The Austrooliana Club is a private and highly exclusive entity.  It combines a garden club, an anti-flirt club, a literary club and a medical research institute, with a few of the features of a country club.

As flirting is now only permitted in Nilkawt in designated zones, with a strictly enforced system of permits, the anti-flirt requirement for membership of the Austrooliana Club is often taken for granted.  Traditions remain strong in the club and there is a long waiting list for membership.

Professional, undercover flirting has been an effective tool of diplomacy for the Nilkawtians over many years, enabling the establishment of authentic relationships around the world with relative ease.  Even so, many former Nilkawtian diplomats are members of the Austrooliana Club.

There are no secret societies in Nilkawt.  There are no sporting clubs.  There are no poetry reading contests.  There are no beauty pageants.  There are no non-royal award ceremonies.  There are no nightclubs.  There is no drunkenness.

For reasons of gender equality and decorum, membership of the Austrooliana Club is limited to one hundred and fifty gentlemen and four hundred and twenty-five ladies.  Membership fees are obviously high, as are the charges for even the simplest of club services.  The dress code is formal and no-one associated with the club, inside Nilkawt or abroad, would ever be so rude as to wear a scent.

The county of Austrooliana has six provinces:  Brismel, Sydbris, Persyd, Meldar, Hobcan and Adeper.  The Austrooliana Club is situated mainly in Persyd though part of it extends into Meldar.

There is much contention within the club at present about the encroachment of industrial development into the once beautiful landscapes of Austrooliana.  Several of the wealthier members are encouraging the encroachment as sources of local employment and government revenues.  Those members have little interest in gardening, literature or assisting their fellow Nilkawtians to relax. 

The opposing members wish to continue beautifying the club and extend its territory into the surrounding countryside.  They have, in addition, accused one or two of the wealthy male members of flirting with the club's two lady librarians.  The garden enthusiasts have come into conflict with the local farmers, most of whom do not wish to have their fields transformed into pleasure gardens.

In view of the ongoing conflicts, there have been calls for the relevant minister to intervene.

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