Thursday, 22 October 2015

Business in Backoutshire

The county of Backoutshire has always been open for business even though it has long had a reputation for mines closing down, factories closing down and shops closing down.  There has also been a long history of business partnerships breaking down in Backoutshire.  These have usually occurred when at least one of the parties to a proposed contract has backed out at the last minute.

All the extractive building materials for the entire area of Nilkawt have originated in Backoutshire.  The soon-to-be semi-abandoned, industrial-scale biogas plant is in Backoutshire.  All the back-up energy generation facilities are in Backoutshire.  Wind farms are now scattered throughout the Backoutshire countryside.

All the past and present Nilkawtian waste dumps and main recycling facilities are in Backoutshire.  The three Nilkawtian sewage treatment works are all in Backoutshire.  The lowest budget accommodation for tourists is in Backoutshire.

The lowest-cost training facilities are in Backoutshire, as are the cheapest, least original and relatively uninspiring venues for hospitality.  Most of the major food processing facilities in Nilkawt are in Backoutshire, including the main cannery.  The poorer quality agricultural land in Nilkawt is also in Backoutshire.

Backoutshire is the location of several of the official and semi-official second-hand goods markets in Nilkawt.  The lowest-cost health care facilities are also in Backoutshire, as are the cheapest houses to rent.

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