Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Chief Secretary for Global Communications

Behind the scenes, here in the Embassy of Nilkawt, there is a large contingent of assistants including press officers, publicists, official spokespersons, official speechwriters, official drama coaches, voice coaches, singing teachers, acting professionals, costume designers, wig makers, make-up artists, shoe designers, blog post providers, portrait painters, musicians, photographers, cleaners, caterers, lighting designers, interior decorators, floral art professionals, tea ladies, press attachés, cultural attachés, communications officers, clerical officers, investor relations officers, digital diplomacy technologists and public diplomacy professionals.  These persons all work under the supervision of the chief secretary for global communications, Mr Glen Elgar.

Mr Elgar has been working in his current capacity for the past thirty years.  For much of the time, he has reported directly to two people, namely the ambassador herself and his own private secretary. 

In fact, the current ambassador was originally the private secretary to the chief secretary for global communications, until everyone in the Nilkawtian diplomatic service knew she knew far more about his job than he did.

The chief secretary for global communications is meant to work not only as a supervisor but also as the private secretary to the ambassador.

As a former journalist, Mr Elgar has the ability to write Pitman New Era shorthand with occasional accuracy at 140 words per minute and slightly better accuracy at 80 words per minute.  He still has the ability to use a manual typewriter proficiently at sixty words per minute and incompetently at seventy words per minute. 

Mr Elgar is bilingual, with the ability to communicate fluently in Journalese as well as overly simplified English in both their written and spoken forms.

Mr Elgar's current private secretary is his wife, Jetty.  Mrs Elgar's brother, Doctor Henley Grange, is a former Nilkawtian foreign minister.

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