Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Shopping in Elegantshire

As relatively wealthy tourists visiting the county of Elegantshire in Nilkawt will undoubtedly testify, there is no better place in the world for shopping.  The graceful retail spaces in the main towns of the county are so remarkably beautiful that no-one could ever be in any doubt that truly prestigious purchases are to be found there and no-where else.

Business travellers in Nilkawt are also likely to be aware of the remarkable quality and gorgeous designs to be found exclusively in Elegantshire.  There are unique boutiques, astoundingly remarkable art galleries, resplendent bookshops and sumptuous shoe shops.

Any visitor to Elegantshire is likely to be able to locate authentic purveyors of rare and exquisite antiques, gracious gourmet grocery suppliers, sophisticated retailers of opulent home furnishings, bespoke tailors, and the very best makers of graceful fine furniture.

As there are no mail order services within Nilkawt, all purchases must initially be made in person.  Discounts are illegal throughout Nilkawt.  In addition, in Elegantshire, in particular, there are no bulk purchases permitted.

There are no retail franchises or chain stores in Elegantshire, or anywhere else in Nilkawt for that matter.  Nor are there, fortunately, any department stores or supermarkets.  All vendors in Elegantshire are highly knowledgeable specialists.

Please note that there are strict rules of etiquette within Elegantshire.  Penalties for breaches include fines, imprisonment and/or banishment.

The grand parks throughout Elegantshire are described as export parks.  In fact, the shops themselves are situated within dignified squares and semi-circles within and between those parks. 

All products and features are displayed in Elegantshire with classical grandeur.  Everyone employed in Elegantshire supplies impeccable, understated service.   Employees consider themselves to be fortunately to work amongst the tasteful fountains, graceful statues, well-proportioned footpaths, the graciously provided seating and attractive trade pavilions.

The facilities for refreshments and personal comfort within Elegantshire are themselves of the highest standard.  All aspects of the county are, indeed, in keeping with the harmonious ensemble, visually, musically and through all the senses.

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