Monday, 23 November 2015

Legislation Design Authority

If form is meant to follow function, it is perplexing to the Nilkawtians that most societies provide far too many forms for citizens to fill to fulfil anyone's basic needs.  Forms in Nilkawt are always for the function of enlightenment, as are all forms of form.

In most societies, legislation is usually cobbled together by persons ill equipped to understand the basic principles of good design.  In Nilkawt, whenever there is confusion regarding the design of legislation, there is a constitutional crisis.  In fact, there was such a crisis quite recently.

Dealing with any sort of crisis is primarily the responsibility of the Nilkawtian Political Reform Commission, at least whenever a future crisis occurs in Nilkawt itself.  There was no such commission in Nilkawt until quite recently.

It is a constitutional duty of all Nilkawtians to provide themselves with a beautiful political system.  They have, of course, always done so, including quite recently.

The legislation for the development of a Legislation Design Authority was established quite recently under the supervision of the Nilkawtian Minister for Peace and Justice, who was herself appointed quite recently.

The world had never known about the uncommon law of Nilkawt, until quite recently.

The Legislation Design Authority is responsibility for ensuring no political and judicial crises occur in Nilkawt in the present or future.  The design aspects of both legislation and authority are to be considered by the Authority.

No-one has yet been appointed to the Legislation Design Authority.

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