Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Twaklinton Academy of Science, Technology and Engineering

As with any beautiful, historically significant city, there is little accommodation available for ordinary citizens in the magnificent centre of Twaklinton and even in the graceful inner suburbs.  Sophisticated holiday apartments, quaintly charming holiday cottages and luxurious hotels feature prominently. 

There are buildings owned by exclusive, private clubs and prestigious professional associations, with temporary accommodation facilities for their members and guests.  There are quaint colleges with residential hostels for short-term students.  There are historic inns for legal professionals.

In addition, there is the royal palace, Palazzo Twaklinilkawt, with its private suites and holiday pavilions.  There are the royal hospitals with their highly awarded wards.  There is the Royal School of Hospitality and Interior Decoration with its experimental guest houses.  There are also, quite obviously, the architecturally-designed villas of the rich.

Then there is the Twaklinton Academy of Science, Technology and Engineering.  It has variable dwellings for its members to rent.  The most senior members have access to mathematical mansions, in accordance with their special knowledge.  Relatively junior members are provided with geometrically elegant, terraced townhouses on a space-time continuum of quality.

Experts in the life sciences additionally have access to the Investigative Gardens.

Researchers in the physical sciences additionally have access to the Grand Halls of Gadgetry.

Investigators in the social sciences additionally have access to the Mathematical Assembly Rooms.

Everyone in the academy, or TASTE as it is usually known, has access to the academy's own kitchens, libraries and dining establishments.  Only the most distinguished members have access to the academy's official archives.

Most visitors to Nilkawt, whether as tourists or students, or on business, wish to participate in the tours and other public activities of TASTE.  Visitors not wishing to participate in any of the activities of TASTE are usually treated with suspicion.  Well-reasoned curiosity and good taste are absolute priorities in Nilkawtian society.

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