Friday, 26 February 2016

Borders and Other Boundaries

In terms of science, the borders of Nilkawt have long been formally defined Twaklinologically more than geographically.  In terms of sovereignty, and even Torrens title, the Government of Nilkawt has always acted in accordance with its legitimate extraterritorial powers.

Twaklinesque cultural definitions diplomatically mark the boundaries of appropriate interaction with Nilkawtians, and anyone else for that matter.  This is especially the case in relation to the acceptable exchange of pleasantries, hospitality and gifts.

The economic boundaries of Nilkawt exist purely in relation to Twaklinomics.

According to Twaklinomic theories, enlightened approaches to soft power enhance international affection and global prosperity while hard power and so-called smart power erode quality of life and standards of living considerably.

If your arithmetic skills are at least as good as your diplomatic skills, you may wish to acquaint yourself with the main facts about Twaklinomics:


Twaklinomics and business

Twaklinomics and investment


Nilkawt is, in many ways, relatively self-sufficient in terms of required commodities.  Its economy has been developed without dependency on outside assistance.

The Nilkawtians have developed an advanced ability to transform their own resources for future use through preservation, conservation and recycling.  They also have the well-trained and well-managed ability to encourage similar transformations elsewhere in the world.

Nilkawtians would never dump waste on anyone.  Nor would they dump unfairly subsidised products or services on anyone.

In order to protect its sovereignty, Nilkawt is a party to no bilateral or multilateral free trade agreements.  Free will is the only true basis of free trade, according the the Nilkawtian Constitution.

Nilkawt is not a party to unenlightened or otherwise outdated international agreements of any description.  This is reflected in the visa types currently on offer to potential visitors.