Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Convocations of the Pretty Council

Deliberations upon the correct allocation and use of legitimate social titles in Nilkawt occur during the Convocations of the Pretty Council.  Unlike a privy council and a cabinet, the Pretty Council is a carefully selected yet democratically elected body.

Prospective members of the Pretty Council are required to pass a series of tests before being eligible to stand, walk, sit, dance, sing, recite poetry and twirl around for election.  Most members of the Pretty Council are also, therefore, Ladies-in-Waiting to Her Illustrious Highness the Ethereal Grand Duchess.

Even though there are no upper age restrictions on membership, the average age of Pretty Council members is currently only sixty-two.  In photographs and other portraits, the council members all look as they were between the ages of twenty-two and twenty-eight. 

The lowest age for membership of the Pretty Council is fifty-eight.  The oldest current member is seventy-two and a half.

Elections for the Pretty Council take place exactly two weeks after each Convocation ends.  During the election process, prospective members are expected to behave as though they are still in their twenties. 

The Convocations of the Pretty Council usually take place twice a year, in March and September.  Each lasts for twelve days. 

All members of the Pretty Council become ineligible to present themselves as prospective future candidates after completing a single, six-month term of office.

The March Convocation takes place towards the end of the traditional Nilkawtian Social Season.

The September Convocation takes place a short while before the traditional royal Ceremony of the Socially Special Sandals.  All Nilkawtian holders of senior social titles receive their new special sandals at the ceremony, which usually takes place in October.

All former members of the Pretty Council are entitled to be called Alder Ladies or, if they prefer, Elderflower Ladies.  They are often also entitled to be addressed as Viscountesses, especially if they are additionally entitled to wear Socially Special Slippers instead of Socially Special Sandals. 

Inaccurate, low quality souvenir copies of the slippers are exclusively available for purchase (by anyone with sufficient money) before, during or after a royal palace tour.

Each Convocation of the Pretty Council is presided over by the Nilkawtian Head of State herself, or one of her pretty proxies.

Outside Nilkawtian territory, many former members of the Pretty Council have been known to provide short-term employment to their own pretty proxies, most of whom are aged in their twenties.  Those proxies are required to pretend they themselves are beautiful, talented, knowledgeable and wise older ladies looking remarkably young.