Thursday, 28 April 2016

Performance Venues

There are many state-of-the-art performance venues in Nilkawt, the most prestigious being the Thrown Room in the royal palace, Palazzo Twaklinilkawt.  In almost every Nilkawtian community, there are art galleries and museums and music venues with beautiful acoustics. 

Those venues are all funded and managed by the communities themselves, mainly through sales of tickets, merchandise packages, tourism packages, VIP packages, hospitality packages, accommodation packages, educational packages, publicity packages, rehearsal packages and talent development packages.  This may account for the venues themselves being frequently packed.

Every county of Nilkawt has at least one highly adaptable conference centre.  Those centres are often fully booked for operatic performances throughout the year.  The community music venues are also suitable for theatrical works, which is why they are often used for political debates.

The county courts of Nilkawt are themselves designed for adaptable, theatrical purposes.  The justices hold centre stage under a proscenium arch every morning.  Amateur comedies and operettas take place in the afternoons and true-to-life police interrogations occur in the evenings.

Visitors are often amazed at the authenticity in the evening theatrical performances.  This is mainly due to the fact that the true-to-life aspects of the unscripted plays reveal the openness of Nilkawtian law enforcement practices.  There are no police stations in Nilkawt.

The Thrown Room in the royal palace is currently the location of a major international financial conference.  The main themes today will include currency trading, popularity, fashion, hype, contractual agreements and con merchants, including the political sort.

There have often been concerns about the performances of the cabinet and government of Nilkawt, regardless of the venues or the players. 

The performances in the Hike Kawt Court of the Caught currently only involve the judges, with or without sufficient rehearsals.  The situation may occasionally require a Hike Kawt challenge to ensure the judges make the best use of their talents.

All Nilkawtians are meant to perform their practical duties and impractical ceremonies to the best of their individual and ensemble capabilities whenever required to do so.