Monday, 2 May 2016

Enlightened Nations Conference

In preparation for the next Enlightened Nations Conference, which will begin tomorrow evening in an unenlightened nation, the Nilkawtian delegation has been setting its own agenda.

All citizens of all member nations of the Enlightened Nations, including Nilkawtian citizens, are expected to uphold the International Laws of Decency on a global basis, in all circumstances.  The Enlightened Nations recognises those laws under the universal system of Eternal Law.  Much of that system of law is scientifically verifiable.

Under Eternal Law, the Laws of Lawnlessness are also upheld.  As with all aspects of Eternal Law, the Laws of Lawnlessness and the International Laws of Decency must be enshrined in the constitutions of member nations.

Also under Eternal Law, the minimum age of maturity of individual citizens, and even individual visitors, is twenty-eight years.  There are also Uncommon Law elements to Eternal Law.  Uncommon Law underpins most of the Nilkawtian legal system.

Citizenship of Nilkawt

International Law

Contractual Agreements

Uncommon Law

Most Enlightened Nation Status

Office of Statistical Enlightenment

Sublime Secretariat

The Most Reasonable Company of Simplifiers

Seasonal Work

Open International Relations