Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Intelligence Services

Nilkawtians are willing to acquire intelligence wherever it is to be found.  They are also willing to offer examples of intelligent thinking and living to anyone in need of such information.

Philanthropy has always been at the heart of the intelligence services of Nilkawt.  There is no malice in the Nilkawtian approach towards misguided points of view.  As long as actions are courteous, especially towards Nilkawtians, then no-one has anything to fear from the Nilkawtian intelligence services.

Since opening this digital embassy to the entire world, in May 2014, the people of Nilkawt have embraced the opportunity to express intelligent international possibilities.  Many Nilkawtians have done so by infiltrating a wide range of non-Nilkawtian organisations and institutions, as unobtrusively as possible.

Nilkawt obviously does its best to keep out unfriendly persons from its sovereign territory.  Nilkawt also does its best to keep up to a standard of living and quality of life suitable for intelligent, respectable persons.

Associated with this digital embassy are several additional official chancery offices.  Those offices are associated with the Nilkawtian intelligence networks.

The networks themselves allow Nilkawtians to keep in touch with the true international situation.  The networks also enable Nilkawtians to associate with each other whilst working undercover.

Most of the senior intelligence officers of Nilkawt have received the world's best training.  They encourage open international relations within the limits of decorum, especially during important international conferences.

The current head of state of Nilkawt has long been associated with the Nilkawtian intelligence services.  She has provided many coded messages, over many years, to Nilkawtian intelligence operatives around the world.

Here are just one example:

Bastions and belvederes

Further coded messages are likely to be mentioned through this embassy at the most appropriate moments.

Relatively straightforward intelligence messages were released by the current Nilkawtian head of state, during 2014, through her Adelaidean science studio.  Those messages were presented in the guise of a public information service:

April 2014
The Grand Duchy of Nilkawt 

July 2014
Closure of the Science Studio

July 2014
Clocks, Locks and Mr Locke

July 2014
Gone to Nilkawt

August 2014
The Appropriate Community Usefulness of the Arts and Sciences
October 2014
World Peace Starts Here

November 2014
This is History

December 2014
Peace and Happiness through Compatible Values