Tuesday, 12 July 2016


To support the enlightened expression of democracy in Nilkawt, many citizens train to be citizen-advocates.

A citizen-advocate advocates on behalf of other citizens.

A citizen-advocate communicates on behalf of other citizens.

A citizen-advocate provides enlightened advice to other citizens about their rights and responsibilities.

A citizen-advocate guides citizens towards a deeper understanding of citizenship and sovereignty.

A citizen-advocate also educates potential citizens in the rights and responsibilities of Nilkawtian citizenship.

Citizen-advocates always have a non-partisan approach to their work.

Citizen-advocates are unelected.

Citizen-advocates usually do much of the same constituency work done by good elected representatives in other parliamentary democracies.

Citizen-advocates are expected to know about all the most significant current and historical matters in relation to Nilkawtian defence.  They often also work as citizen-journalists.

Citizen-advocates understand all significant matters relating to international relations, entry requirements, immigration, emigration and citizenship in relation not only to Nilkawt but also with regards to neighbouring nations.

Citizen-advocates are well versed in the workings of the Parliament of Nilkawt.

Citizen-advocates are well aware of the official duties of the Nilkawtian Head of State.

Citizen-advocates are well able to understand the job requirements of any enlightenment minister.

Citizen-advocates have the ability to lead visitors on an enlightening royal palace tour.

Citizen-advocates uphold and promote the Nilkawtian laws of lawnlessness in order to maintain lawnless order.

Citizen-advocates are shining examples of Nilkawtian brilliance.

Citizen-advocates are aware of the latest information on visa types.

Citizen-advocates are obviously aware of all aspects of Nilkawtian citizenship.

Citizen-advocates work especially well in pleasant weather.

Citizen-advocates have obviously received excellent training.

Citizen-advocacy is obviously a useful form of employment.

Citizen-advocates are required to have a good sense of humour.

Citizen-advocates all sorts of important selection processes.

A citizen-advocate will have a basic awareness of international law in both its enlightened and unenlightened forms.

A citizen-advocate will understand the history and meaningfulness within Nilkawtian traditions.

Citizen-advocates are at the forefront of Nilkawtian government openness.

Citizen-advocates are gentle upholders of the rule of law.

Citizen-advocates know everything worth knowing about Nilkawtian public holidays.

Citizen-advocates know what do you in any emergency, including when a travel advisory has been announced.

Citizen-advocates received much of their basic training at the Inns of Kawt.

Citizen-advocates additionally have a full understanding of electoral progress.

Citizen-advocates know that Nilkawt has a beautiful political system.

Most citizen-advocates are also members of the Faculty of Official Historians.  They are all fully versed in Nilkawtian history and historical research methodologies.

Citizen-advocates may, in fact, be one of the levels of government.

Citizen-advocates help to maintain the dignity of the Nilkawtian system of honours.

Citizen-advocates help to enhance Nilkawtian government revenues with fairness and dignity.

Citizen-advocates can easily assist anyone in Nilkawt seeking to acquire sufficient housing.

Citizen-advocates are appropriately knowledgeable about science, the arts and enlightenment.

Many citizen-advocates are participants in every Nilkawtian financial services review.

All citizen-advocates are experts on contractual arrangements and constitutional duties.

All citizen-advocates are upholders of uncommon law and neighbourhood relations.

All citizen-advocates are aware of the protocols for all Nilkawtian public ceremonies

All citizen-advocates are skilled in the production and use of traditional official ribbons.

All citizen-advocates are upholders of the appropriate use of the royal coat of farms.

All citizen-advocates are appreciative participants in the appropriate management of land.

All citizen-advocates do their best to maintain the Most Enlightened Nation Status of Nilkawt.

All citizen-advocates support the work of the sublime secretariat.

All citizen-advocates have an elegant and egalitarian approach to the distribution of wealth.

All citizen-advocates have an enlightened approach to further industrial development.

All citizen-advocates have an awareness of the work of all the Nilkawtian health institutes.

Many citizen-advocates have gained international experience by working temporarily in the chancery additional official offices.

Many citizen-advocates contribute to the improvement of the laws against trespassers and other nuisances.

Many citizen-advocates assist the Legislation Design Authority.

Several citizen-advocates have studied at the Dada School of Management.

Most citizen-advocates live in planned communities and model villages.

Being a citizen-advocate is not seasonal work.

Being a citizen-advocate helps to promote open international relations.

Most citizen-advocates understand the work of Nilkawtian state enterprises.

Many citizen-advocates are aware of the proceedings of an important international conference on global finance.

Several citizen-advocates have been in attendance during at least one Enlightened Nations conference, too.

Several citizen-advocates even have the ability explain the government budget.

No citizen-advocates would ever reveal state secrets.  Those persons therefore reveal nothing precise about the Nilkawtian population.

All citizen-advocates do all they can to uphold Nilkawtian sovereignty.

In addition, most citizen-advocates are aware that business-as-usual in Nilkawt is not the same as business-as-usual elsewhere.

All citizen-advocates have been doing their best to assist the work of the Minister for Peace and Justice.

All citizen-advocates have been helping to sustain the global reputation for compassion in Cupateeunkaique.  They have also been helping to sustain the entire global reputation of the Ethereal Grand Duchy of Nilkawt in the light of Lux Leaks.