Thursday, 25 August 2016

Security and Reliability

It is very well known that security is not particularly secure without reliability.  Being reliable is very important in Nilkawt.

The Nilkawtians always require a reliable education system, a reliable health system, a reliable food production and food distribution system, a reliable transportation system, a reliable communications system, a reliably fair legal system, a reliable water supply, a reliable water recycling system, a reliable energy supply, and the reliable supervision and maintenance of all sorts of suitable systems, supplies and services.

To motivate people to be reliable, the Nilkawtians require a reliable financial system and a reliable system of additional assistance, rewards, honours and interpersonal pleasantries.

The entry requirements for Nilkawt are certainly secure.  This is reflected in the visa types currently available.

The Ethereal Bank of Nilkawt is relatively secure on a global scale, as far as anyone is aware.  Since 2014, financial bonuses have not been offered to anyone associated with the bank, or to anyone with any direct or indirect connection with the bank.  This is in keeping with the recommendations of the Financial Services Review and the regulation of currency trading.

Many forms of international security and interpersonal reliability are currently upheld and supported through the Twaklinian School of International and Constitutional Law and Peace.  All staff at the school are experts in negotiating contractual agreements.

A relatively egalitarian approach to wealth distribution means that Nilkawtians feel more secure and less anxious than most other sorts of persons.   This is an act of compassion.  In fact, compassion in Cupateeunkaique is a significant research subject for anyone interested in security and reliability.

Security and reliability are easier to manage when systems, supplies and services are provided as simply and suitably as possible.  Excessive complexity has a tendency to cause problems.  For this reason, The Most Reasonable Company of Simplifiers is frequently called upon to keep things running smoothly.

Reasonableness and reliability are supported through participation in refreshingly responsible retreats.  These are run in a safe, secure, peaceful and private location in Nilkawt.  Such retreats are never associated with the Dada School of Management.

Security and reliability in Nilkawt are overseen by a former Nilkawtian environment minister, namely His Sustainableness The Viscount Twaklinton, spouse of the Head of State of the Ethereal Grand Duchy of Nilkawt, Her Illustrious Highness, Twaklin I.

His Sustainableness is assisted by a former Nilkawtian minister for courtesy and moral philosophy and all the aunties associated with polite policing.  They, in turn, are assisted by all the ladies-in-waiting to Her Illustrious Highness.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

National Intranet Service

Although there are no broadcasting or Internet services within Nilkawt, and even the entire Nilkawtian telecommunications service is strictly national and not international, a National Intranet Service will probably soon be fully operational.

When they are outside Nilkawt, Nilkawtians usually access the Internet mainly to find out, through this embassy, what is happening in their homeland.  Nilkawtians know that most information available elsewhere online is likely to be unreliable.

All official international telecommunications services on behalf of the Government of Nilkawt are supplied through this digital embassy, for reasons of security.  Preventing bad habits amongst the Nilkawtians is a constitutional duty and therefore one requiring considerable government monitoring.

Foreigners should always be aware that the entry requirements for Nilkawt require all visitors to have access to the Internet during the visa application process.  Maintaining the international reputation of Nilkawt is paramount for this digital embassy, which is why the ambassador holds the highest possible Certification of Credibility.

The National Intranet Service within Nilkawt is meant to be the main part of the Nilkawtian Broadband Network.  Delays in the full implementation of the latter are officially due to unpleasant weather.

The prosperity of Nilkawtians is maintained through the Twaklinode, though the Twaklinode is very expensive to maintain.  The possibility of reducing the cost, without ruining the Nilkawtian economy, is currently a matter under investigation through The Most Reasonable Company of Simplifiers.

To ensure a wide variety of opinions are taken into consideration, for little or no financial outlay by the Government of Nilkawt, improvements to the Nilkawtian telecommunications system and Nilkawtian financial services industry are the subject of many projects currently being undertaken by students of the Dada School of Management.

If you have trouble accessing this embassy, please be advised that the problem is either with the Government of Australia and its telecommunications policies or it has something to do with Lord Google and his associates.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Resort Towns

Although Twaklinton, the capital city of Nilkawt, is often considered to be a resort town, mainly due to the fact that most Nilkawtians cannot afford to live there permanently, many Nilkawtians are employed in Twaklinton on a temporary basis.

In the official resort towns of Nilkawt, no Nilkawtians are employed.  All the employees in Nilkawtian resort towns are on short-term, long-hour contracts from Australia.  Are you seeking a job in Nilkawt?

Most of the Australians working in Nilkawtian resort towns are unlikely to be able to stay in the resorts as guests.  For a start, they do not earn enough for that to become a possibility.

Australian low-paid, temporary workers are also involved in constructing new resort towns in Nilkawt.  Those individuals also work very long hours.

The established Nilkawtian resort towns are beautifully maintained.  Vast numbers of temporary workers, mostly out of sight and out of hearing range of the guests, and without drawing attention to themselves through the sense of smell, have been employed in Nilkawt on rotating, short-term contracts over many years.  Most of those workers hope one day to be allowed to stay in Nilkawt permanently.

Although all the businesses in the resort towns of Nilkawt are owned by Nilkawtians, they are run by Australians.  The same applies to the businesses involved in developing new Nilkawtian resort towns.

It is only in the less pleasant areas of Nilkawt that foreigners are permitted to own businesses.  The Ethereal Grand Duchy has always had very strict requirements in relation to its investment opportunities.

During the off seasons in the resort towns, which occur twice a year, most of the maintenance, preparation and new construction occurs in the established resorts.  During the off season, those towns are mainly used for educational and scientific purposes.

Significant features in all the resort towns include magnificent health-care facilities.  These are staffed by Nilkawtian-trained Australians, around the clock, all year round.

Although there are some tourists in the resort towns during the off seasons, most such visitors arrive during the on seasons.  During the on seasons, the prices rise in the resort towns considerably.  That is why tourism is such an important industry in Nilkawt.

During the off seasons, the tourists tend to be considered as lazy students.  All visitors, during the off seasons, are required to enrol in one of the educational courses offered.  Persons regarded merely as tourists usually fail to turn up for one or more of the lessons.

During the on season, visitors do not expect to learn much at all.  They just want to relax and enjoy celebrating everything they have already achieved in life.  They are usually willing and able to pay for that privilege.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Taxation Review

As in any society, taxation is a controversial topic in Nilkawt.  In fact, it is almost a taboo to talk about taxation at all in much of the world.

As a steady-state economy, with no foreign debt in either a public or private form, and with a highly productive and stable population in more ways than one, Nilkawt leads the world in many positive respects.

Yet a taxation review often occurs in secret in Nilkawt at least three times a year.  To have a public taxation review, such as the one about to occur, is certainly unusual.

In Nilkawt, taxation is currently intertwined with citizenship.

Theories of taxation are taught at the Twaklinian School of International and Constitutional Law and Peace.

To ensure all levels of government in Nilkawt can run as smoothly as possible, Nilkawtians are prompt with the payment of their taxes.

There has been much speculation within the government as to whether the system of honours should be expanded for revenue-raising purposes.

Taxation in Nilkawt is a significant wealth distribution measure.

The Dada School of Management teaches its students about international tax practices.

Encouraging participation in seasonal work has never been much of a problem in Nilkawt, regardless of the tax implications for the non-Nilkawtian workers.

The Nilkawtians have been promoting more open international relations in recent years along with the improvement and expansion of its state enterprises.

Anyone wishing to make a submission to the Nilkawtian Taxation Review will be required to pay a Review Fee equivalent of 30% of their annual salary.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Companion Houses and Mingling Mansions

To extroverted persons, almost constant companionship is essential to their well-being and quality of life.

To introverted persons, constant companionship would almost be their worst nightmare.  It would, in fact, quite likely erode their mental health considerably.

The companion houses and mingling mansions in Nilkawt are places filled with extroverts.  Such sociable environments are known as residential care institutions, regardless of their size or the particular needs of the occupants.

The inhabitants of companion houses and mingling mansions are usually law-abiding citizens.  They often dread the possibility of staying in the new cell-fee building

Fortunately for them, the cell-fee building is often fully booked with introverted writers of various descriptions.  For that reason, when extroverted Nilkawtians break the law, they are likely to be deported instead.