Wednesday, 24 August 2016

National Intranet Service

Although there are no broadcasting or Internet services within Nilkawt, and even the entire Nilkawtian telecommunications service is strictly national and not international, a National Intranet Service will probably soon be fully operational.

When they are outside Nilkawt, Nilkawtians usually access the Internet mainly to find out, through this embassy, what is happening in their homeland.  Nilkawtians know that most information available elsewhere online is likely to be unreliable.

All official international telecommunications services on behalf of the Government of Nilkawt are supplied through this digital embassy, for reasons of security.  Preventing bad habits amongst the Nilkawtians is a constitutional duty and therefore one requiring considerable government monitoring.

Foreigners should always be aware that the entry requirements for Nilkawt require all visitors to have access to the Internet during the visa application process.  Maintaining the international reputation of Nilkawt is paramount for this digital embassy, which is why the ambassador holds the highest possible Certification of Credibility.

The National Intranet Service within Nilkawt is meant to be the main part of the Nilkawtian Broadband Network.  Delays in the full implementation of the latter are officially due to unpleasant weather.

The prosperity of Nilkawtians is maintained through the Twaklinode, though the Twaklinode is very expensive to maintain.  The possibility of reducing the cost, without ruining the Nilkawtian economy, is currently a matter under investigation through The Most Reasonable Company of Simplifiers.

To ensure a wide variety of opinions are taken into consideration, for little or no financial outlay by the Government of Nilkawt, improvements to the Nilkawtian telecommunications system and Nilkawtian financial services industry are the subject of many projects currently being undertaken by students of the Dada School of Management.

If you have trouble accessing this embassy, please be advised that the problem is either with the Government of Australia and its telecommunications policies or it has something to do with Lord Google and his associates.