Thursday, 25 August 2016

Security and Reliability

It is very well known that security is not particularly secure without reliability.  Being reliable is very important in Nilkawt.

The Nilkawtians always require a reliable education system, a reliable health system, a reliable food production and food distribution system, a reliable transportation system, a reliable communications system, a reliably fair legal system, a reliable water supply, a reliable water recycling system, a reliable energy supply, and the reliable supervision and maintenance of all sorts of suitable systems, supplies and services.

To motivate people to be reliable, the Nilkawtians require a reliable financial system and a reliable system of additional assistance, rewards, honours and interpersonal pleasantries.

The entry requirements for Nilkawt are certainly secure.  This is reflected in the visa types currently available.

The Ethereal Bank of Nilkawt is relatively secure on a global scale, as far as anyone is aware.  Since 2014, financial bonuses have not been offered to anyone associated with the bank, or to anyone with any direct or indirect connection with the bank.  This is in keeping with the recommendations of the Financial Services Review and the regulation of currency trading.

Many forms of international security and interpersonal reliability are currently upheld and supported through the Twaklinian School of International and Constitutional Law and Peace.  All staff at the school are experts in negotiating contractual agreements.

A relatively egalitarian approach to wealth distribution means that Nilkawtians feel more secure and less anxious than most other sorts of persons.   This is an act of compassion.  In fact, compassion in Cupateeunkaique is a significant research subject for anyone interested in security and reliability.

Security and reliability are easier to manage when systems, supplies and services are provided as simply and suitably as possible.  Excessive complexity has a tendency to cause problems.  For this reason, The Most Reasonable Company of Simplifiers is frequently called upon to keep things running smoothly.

Reasonableness and reliability are supported through participation in refreshingly responsible retreats.  These are run in a safe, secure, peaceful and private location in Nilkawt.  Such retreats are never associated with the Dada School of Management.

Security and reliability in Nilkawt are overseen by a former Nilkawtian environment minister, namely His Sustainableness The Viscount Twaklinton, spouse of the Head of State of the Ethereal Grand Duchy of Nilkawt, Her Illustrious Highness, Twaklin I.

His Sustainableness is assisted by a former Nilkawtian minister for courtesy and moral philosophy and all the aunties associated with polite policing.  They, in turn, are assisted by all the ladies-in-waiting to Her Illustrious Highness.