Monday, 19 September 2016

Enrolment and Ennoblement

In Nilkawtian elections, enrolment and ennoblement are often intertwined.  This particularly applies in relation to local government elections.

The Royal and Noble Coterie of Her Illustrious Highness the Ethereal Grand Duchess provides supervision of local election processes.  Members of the Coterie are highly trained in the art and science of enlightened democracy.

The central government elections are quite different, as reflected in the election results.  There are several official and unofficial levels of government in Nilkawt some of which are more useful than others.

The Ethereal Grand Duchess, as Head of State, is the Nilkawtian Fount of Honour.  Her Illustrious Highness wishes to ensure future ennoblement is supplied purely on the basis of merit.  This is particularly pertinent in relation to the Official Ceremony of Salaries and Ceremonies.

The Order of the Charter provides the highest level of ennoblement though its holders gain no special title apart from their usual job titles and an official copy of the Magnanimity Charter.  Additional titles are only provided for an additional cost.

Digital diplomacy is itself a noble pursuit, especially when demonstrated by a relatively noble ambassador acting on behalf of an enlightened nation.  Any form of diplomacy on behalf of unenlightened nations is likely to be less dignified.

No-one in Nilkawt is permitted to display a coat of arms though Her Illustrious Highness has a royal coat of farms.  As a peaceful society, Nilkawt never encourages symbols of aggression.

The system of honours has been developed to ensure prestige in Nilkawt has meaning in relation to elections and other selection processes.  It also has meaning in relation to taxation.  Persons with grandiose titles pay more tax in Nilkawt than persons with relatively ordinary titles.

Local elections often involve changing names, boundaries and titles, though not necessarily in that order.  They may also involve the work of the local low kawt courts.

Local elections in Nilkawt require enrolment and enrolment at the local level requires ennoblement of one sort or another.  Many forms of ennoblement in Nilkawt are based on the counties and not the Nilkawtian state in its entirety.