Thursday, 29 September 2016

Returning Citizens

Since the restoration of the Money Key to its rightful place, many Nilkawtians have returned to Nilkawt from foreign lands.  Peace and prosperity have prevailed.  The current Minister for Housing has directed the Twaklinological restoration of many formerly abandoned buildings to provide temporary accommodation for the returnees.

Since the opening of the Twaklinian School of International Law and Peace, after the closure of its predecessor institution, all contractual agreements in Nilkawt have been straightforward and fair.  At the same time, there have been problems with the intended use of the Cell-Fee Building, primarily due to the fact that it is often fully booked with law-abiding writers of one sort or another.

Since the traditional official ribbons have now been replaced by digitally designed, automatically manufactured versions, the originals have been transferred to the National Museum of Former Traditions, as have all the marchionesses responsible for formerly formally maintaining those traditions.  This means that the opening of new buildings and the restoration of old buildings can now occur without too much fuss and bother.

As the traditional social season is about to begin again in Nilkawt, this means that all the occupied buildings throughout Nilkawtian territory are required to be properly spring cleaned before the season starts.  The safest hygienic methods must now be used, without nasty chemicals or unnecessary smells.  Indeed, all nasty chemicals and unnecessary smells have long been banned from Nilkawtian territory.

Redevelopment is currently occurring throughout the formerly less pleasant parts of Nilkawt, which is why business in Backoutshire is booming.  Everything is being tidied up, without making anywhere look sterile or desolate or otherwise unwelcoming.

Persons with the ability to leave one location for another may or may not have the ability or willingness to return to their starting point.  Encouraging the willingness of the most appropriate sorts of persons to participate fully in society has long been a challenge for most societies.

Persons with internationally valuable skills, particularly internationally valuable language skills, have long been able to make more choices than the rest of humanity.  If you are a Nilkawtian citizen seeking to return home, do please prepare to do so as soon as possible.  There is a likelihood that persons such as yourself will have your Nilkawtian passports cancelled unless you choose to return home soon.